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  • What is the Join Together Trust (JTT) ?
    Join Together is an initiative started by few passionate and enthusiastic youth who want to educate each child who get deprived due to several reasons. With the motto “ REACH TO TEACH” they reached the children of labourers, ragpickers, slumdwellers, street urchins who are just seen as an additional source of income and have to look after their small siblings in the absence of their parents.
  • What is "Reach to Teach ?"
    REACH to TEACH - stands for We started educating the deprived children wherever we found them... Our USP is - We never ask children to come rather we establish a Chapter (Class) wherever they are. We travel across Delhi to identify those children who need an impetus to open the shackles which have been imposed on them through the apathy of our society. We provide them an environment to blossom and attain their full glory.
  • What's this Make Shift School's and how it works ?
    Our Make Shift Schools (Chapters’) are run by friends and colleagues, who want to give back to society. In other words, these people are like an angels on earth for these children. This Make Shift Schools (Chapters’) classes are held before or after Office/ School/ College hours and as per the convenience of chapter’s children. For example, at few chapters we teach the children of labourers from 9 AM to to 7 PM, likewise in other chapters for the children of rag pickers and street urchins from 7PM onwards. Through teaching aids like Charts, Story books, Role Play and our own syllabus we make them visualise and understand things clearly.
  • How's you guy's are managing the expenses ?
    All activities like arranging stationary, excursions, festival both religious and national being maintained by the team of JTT who are either studying or working. Fortunately, sometimes we get financial support from our acquaintances and do hope that this relationship will continue in the future…. We bear all expenses like stationery, meal, festival celebration etc through self funding though we are just a small group of people who all are studying or working in different sectors but after our office or colleges we take some time out for these children. We manged all the expenses like stationery, picnic/ exposer trips, festival celebration etc. by our own. We get some help from some of people like you also. So we are thankful to each one of you for being with us in this journey and hope we will continue this relationship in future also
  • I like this... How can i help ?
    You can support in many ways like … 1. Teaching children of labourers, rag pickers, beggars and street urchins (Daily/ weekends for 1 hour only). 2. Training on sports (Daily/ weekends for 1 hour only). 3. Training on skills development (Daily/ weekends for 1 hour only). 4. Teaching Dance and music ((Daily/ weekends for 1 hour only). 5. Support in coordinating various events (as and when required). 6. Participation in spreading awareness on burning issues (as and when required for 2 hours). 7. Provide stationery and other necessary items for children. 8. Share JTT's post with your friends/ family and colleagues on social media.
  • I want to teach the children, how can i volunteer ?"
    That's what we want for our little muchkins !!! The process is very simple. we offer 2 types of volunteering. 1. Come and teach at our chapters already running, we will share the list over phone. 2. if you dont find any chapters near you, you can start the new chapter in your locality for the needy children. Fill the joining form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.
  • I want to start a new chapter, tell me the process ?"
    You're great.. We need more people like you. Process is really very simple click on attached image.
  • Do you provide any certificates to volunteers ?
    Yes, we respect your time and Your efforts will be acknowledged and being given a certificate of appreciation and a medal.
  • Is there any rules and regulations and where's your office or school located ?
    Not so much but yet just Fours specifically – we do not offer any salaries or job, we do not collect money from any children and parents at anycost, we are a non-political, and we serve all religions. Join Together is an open platform for making our India a Literate Country, with no employees, office space, and insurance hence cannot assume liability. Any personal risk is borne by our Changmakers.
  • I'm satisfied with your work, how can i donate ? "
    Thanks for wanting to support us – We have grown through contributions in kind and partnerships. Your contribution is really required.
  • Still want some more clarification ..?
    Drop us an email at or call us at 9555898945, let's talk.
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